Saba Qamar’s Hindi Medium: Official Trailer and Movie Review

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As we all know, Saba Qamar is one of the top actress of Pakistan drama industry, she is beautiful and attractive. She is also best in acting and have done so many drama serials in her career. This time she entered into Bollywood film industry and got a chance to work with one of the best Indian actor Irfan Khan who have won an OSCAR award as well. The name of the movie is “Hindi Medium” which was just released and doing a good business. Saba Qamar is main female lead role while Irfan Khan playing her husband’s role in the movie.

Hindi medium is a funny movie on a light note as well as it describes one basic issue in the society, which is very common in Indian and Pakistani society as well. People of Pakistan and India gave extra importance to English language and they believe that in English medium school their kids can learn and excel in the society with more speed. Acting of both Saba Qamar and Irfan Khan are very natural in this movie and if we want to describe the whole movie in one sentence then it is Saba Qamar’s dialogue which says: Es desh mai angrezi, zuban nahi class hai. And this is the main theme of Hindi Medium movie.

hindi medium movie review