Muhammad Amir’s Fifer: All 5 Wickets Against Australia Highlights

The fast bowler of Pakistan, Muhammad Amir, is back in action and is in Good form. He becomes the top wicket-taker bowler in this world cup as he got 10 wickets in 3 matches.

On Wednesday, against Australia, Muhammad Amir takes 5 wickets and restrict Australia to 307 all out. At one point the predicted score of Australia was 350 plus. Some were predicting 370+ as well.


But, thanks to Muhammad Amir who got 5 wickets and restricts Australia to just 307.

In 23rd over, Muhammad Amir got his first wicket when the total score of Australia was 146. Muhamad Hafeez took a good catch of Finch and Amir got his first wicket.

Then in the 43rd over, Amit gets his second wicket when Wahab Riaz takes a simple catch of Usman Khawaja and Australia was 277-5 after that catch.

The third wicket was a catch by Shoaib Malik of March and it makes the total score of Australia 288-6 in the 45th over.

Amir got 2 wickets in his last over which was the 49th over. At 304, Carey was out leg before wicket and at 307 Starc was caught by Malik.

Watch the Highlights Video of All 5 Wickets of Muhammad Amir



Amir 5 wickets Australia WorldCup Hightlights

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